American Family Renters Insurance Review and Prices

American Family Renters Insurance Review and Prices

American Family Renters Insurance Review and Prices

American Family Insurance began in 1927 as Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, a private mutual company. It added more types of insurance and changed its name to American Family Insurance in the 1960s.

It is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and has agents in 19 states. It sells auto, home, renter, life, business, health, hobby/recreational, and farm/ranch insurance. The General, Homesite, and Mainstreet American are also affiliated with American Family.

American Family Insurance has good prices and what it calls a “Deductible That Keeps Going Down.” As long as you don’t make a claim after you buy a policy, your deductible will go down each time you renew it. When you do have to file a claim, if it is accepted, your out-of-pocket costs will be less if your deductible goes down.

Policyholders can also buy extra insurance for their pets and home-based businesses. You may also be able to get a discount from American Family Insurance. It will give you discounts on your premiums if you pay in full, buy more than one policy, or are over a certain age.

One big problem with American Family Insurance is that it is not available everywhere. Customers who live outside of the 19 states it serves are sent to its insurance partner, Midvale Insurance, from its website. If you like to buy your insurance online or through an app, you may be disappointed that you can only buy American Family renters insurance through one of its agents.

What discounts does American Family offer on renters insurance?

Multiproduct. You can save up to 30% if you combine two or more policies, like renter’s and car insurance.

Good house. You might be able to save 5% if your home has a smart device that monitors things like temperature, humidity, air quality, fire, or intruders. There are some limits.

Billing. You will get a discount if you choose to autopay, pay in full, or go paperless with your bills.
Loyalty. Long-time customers of American Family may be eligible for lower renters insurance rates.

Generational. People who have a parent who is also a customer of American Family can save money.

What Add-Ons Does American Family Renters Insurance Offer?

Pet insurance. This pays for vet bills and funeral costs of up to $1,000.

Theft of identity. This helps pay for the cost of fixing your credit and identity after they were stolen.

Work from home. This protects the property of small businesses that are run out of people’s homes.

Travel. This protects you against theft, trip cancellation, and medical costs anywhere in the world.

What packages and bundles of renters insurance does American Family offer?

You can save money by getting more than just renters insurance from American Family.

Automobile. This covers your car or truck’s full liability and pays for medical bills, lawsuits, uninsured drivers, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Life. There are different kinds of coverage, from term to whole life insurance, and the prices vary.
Business. Coverage is very broad and includes coverage for buildings and contractors, as well as liability, medical costs, and workers’ compensation.

As a hobby and for fun. This includes coverage for things like boats, RVs, and snowmobiles that are both comprehensive and collision.

What other types of renters insurance does American Family offer?

Umbrella. This coverage kicks in once your renters insurance or other policies have reached their limits.

Insurance for floods. Most renters insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. Separate flood insurance would pay for your damaged or lost personal belongings in your rented house or apartment if it flooded.

Valuables. This includes things like watches, fine jewelry, and gems.

How do I buy a policy from American Family Insurance for renters insurance?

How to buy an American Family renters insurance policy:

You can get in touch with a local American Family agent by going to the company’s website and searching for agents in your area. You can also call and ask to speak to an agent in your area.

Fill out the online form or tell your agent your name, address, how many people and pets live in your home, and other information about the property.
Work with an agent in your area to make a policy that fits your needs.

How do I make a claim with American Family Insurance?

Policyholders can file a claim at any time of day or night by filling out a form online, using the MyAmFam mobile app, or calling the company’s 1-800 number. You can also talk to your insurance agent, though this person may only be available during certain work hours.

You’ll need to give your policy number (unless you’re doing it online or through a mobile app), the date and time the event happened, details about the event, and, if necessary, information about the other people involved. You can also take pictures of the damage and upload them to your online account or the app.